Volunteer is the moniker of Cory Quintard originally from Jacksonville, FL. Volunteer releases music with pop sensibilities, soaring vocal melodies, anthemic arrangements, and honest lyrics meant to make the listener engage. β€œThe songs are meant to bring a sense of wonder and hope to people who choose to seek it out. Life many times presents us with safe and risky options, and my goal is to help people find the peace that comes with knowing you did what you could while you were here.” Volunteer released his first EP, The World Will Begin Again in February of 2015, with a follow-up, The World Is Ours in 2017. In support of The World Is Ours, Volunteer did a full band U.S. tour with singer-songwriter Matt Hires. Cory is currently in the studio working on music for 2018. He resides with his wife Robyn in Madison, TN.